Ok, well you guys asked for them, so here they are.  The feet of Brazilian supermodel, Izabel Goulart.

First, a few facts.  Izabel’s shoe size is 9 (US), which equates to 6.5 in the UK, size 40 in Europe, 6 in Mexico, 25 in Japan, 7.5 in Australia and 254 in Korea.  In other words, her shoe size is average.  It is not uncommon for height to have an influence on shoe size, so a slightly larger size would have been quite normal in Izabel’s case.

Her feet are slender, making them appear longer than they actually are.  Intriguingly, she has a “Greek” foot, (where the second toe is longer than the big toe), which is found in around 15-20% of the population.  Otherwise known as the “Royal” toe or “Morton’s” toe, it was considered among the ancient Greeks to be a sign of beauty.  Hardly surprising, seeing as we are dealing with someone who is, unquestionably, the most beautiful woman on the Planet!

For the foot fetishists, a couple of extra notable features.  Izabel rarely wears nail colour except for assignments.  She regularly has professional manicures and foot spa treatments, which keeps the skin soft, and, as you will see in some of the pictures, she occasionally wears very fine anklets.

So, here are the pictures.  We have included a few shots of shoes too, simply because her feet look particularly fine in heels.

Apologies for the picture quality of most of these images, which have been cropped and resized from much larger originals.  For the feet officianadoes out there, we would love to know what you think.  Use either the comments section below, or if you prefer to do so confidentially, use the form on the Comments page.  We may publish your comments, but won’t attribute any names or other details.  The images have been numbered for ease of reference.

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